12 Bar Box - Protein Bar Peanut Butter

12 Bar Box - Protein Bar Peanut Butter

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GET IN SHAPE Pure Organic Raw Protein Bar Peanut Butter (12 pcs. x 1.06oz./30g)

Plant-based protein bars. Organic, tasty and satisfying healthy energy boost. A very precious blend of some of the richest plant sources of proteins - rice, hemp, and pea. Whole organic ingredients! Your favorite peanut butter flavor, in a soft texture, with playful crispy cacao nibs. It is luscious, nutritious and makes you feel full! *Optional: make a protein shake/smoothie (see recipe)).

  • GET IN SHAPE Raw Protein Bars are whole food organic protein snacks, made of fruits, nuts, and 25 % complete plant-based protein blend, that delivers a Full Essential Amino Acid profile.
  • Raw Vegan Protein Bars, Excellent sports nutrition, Workout recovery, High protein, Before and after training,  Perfect for on the go snacking, breakfast, travel snack, recovery snacking, meal replacement, or anytime you are looking for a clean organic plant-based protein snack bar.
  • Each box contains 12 Protein Bars. Raw Vegan, Gluten-free, Soy-free, Dairy-free, Non-GMO, USDA Certified Organic, High Complete Protein. 
  • SNACK OR MAKE A SMOOTHIE! Snack it as a bar, or make a protein shake out of it! Take 1 bar and 100 ml of water. Chop the Bar into pieces, add water, plant-based milk or other beverage. Blend well for 1 minute. ENJOY!
  • RAW BARS WITH MISSION AND CHARACTER! GET IN SHAPE Organic Protein Bars are plant-based nutritional treasure that feeds you with the energy and the positive vibrations of  Nature in its fullest!

Ingredients: Dates*, Pea Protein*, Rice Protein*, Coconut Blossom Nectar*, Peanut Crispy Butter**, Cashew*, Cаcао Nibs*, Hemp Protein*, Sea Salt. *Organic and Raw, **Organic. Contains: Cashew, Peanuts, and Coconut. May contain occasional pieces of fruit pits, nutshells, and other nuts.





100 ml water + 1 bar
200 ml water + 2 bars
300 ml water + 3 bars
400 ml water + 4 bars

Chop the Bar(s) into pieces, add water,
plant-based milk or another beverage.
Blend well for 1 minute!


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